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Les rencontres d'Aubergine

A contemporary art trail organized in the city center of Villeneuve Les Avignon for three weeks in December. Places, artists, plural artistic approaches united by a common theme. Artists where you least expect them. Art in life, art in the city, accessible to all, in unusual places for art, and usual for everyday life. The theme of the 2023 Edition "Undress yourself", inspired me to create a series of organic and sensitive collages, to see with the heart, to reveal oneself, to observe and to be observed.


April 1-30 , 2023

L'espace voltaire

Collective exhibition with more than 50 artists on the theme of the Urban at the “Espace Voltaire” in Paris. For this exhibition, I mixed photography and plants by questioning their place in the urban ecosystem.


The approach is to take the time to observe plants in the city, to give them a place. What is that place today?

Revegetating cities, Deconstructing a system of reflection that systematically puts the human at the center, accompanied the creation of this series where the wild plant is the only actor,

He seeks to bring alive different aspects of the city, deliberately immortalized in black and white.


I walked in my city, and around my house, observing how plants grow, how they weave their way and still manage, despite tons of concrete, stones, to find their place. I greeted them, I took their picture, I picked them up and hugged them.


Staged in medium-sized frames… so you have to get closer to observe them.


After Paris, this exhibition took these neighbourhoods to Arles as part of the off festival of the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie.

2022 . Paris


Art at Home

The Event was created by the association l'Art en scène, a creator of cultural events since 1996

Individuals and Galeries opened their doors for a weekend to welcome artists from a variety of disciplines.

I invested in the apartment of Marieck and presented several aspects of my work around the exhibition Ex Voto, who came back from Marseille.

I was inspired by the staircase to immerse myself, to change the paradigm, to immediately invite the public to climb the steps as if they were entering another universe : I wanted to invite them to open their eyes. 

Therefore I staged my series « Regard » : an explosion of grasses ending at the top of the stairs in a fresco with a thousand details.

Inside the apartment you will find the paintings of the exhibition Ex Voto, surrounded by a plant scenography, A rainfall of  branches, the intimacy of a niche, some plant creations inspired by Japanese Floral Art and all of it illuminated by a magnificent Mimosa who watched over this little world from the top of its seat against the wall. 



Febuary 2022 . Arles

db (16)_edited.jpg

This exhibition, specially created for MaisonAà Marseille, with the theme of the ExVotos and the Indian summer, questions us about our link with the sacred. It is a very personal and intimate work, with a focus on the leaf as an organ, a living organism, carried out in a very short period of time pushing the creative process to its climax, to offer you my interpretation of the ExVotos.


guerilla girl.jpg
visuel teeshirt.jpg

September / December 2021 . Marseille 

February 2021 . saint - Gilles

It is a photographic deambulation in the city in partnership with St Gilles heart of town and the merchants, carried by Edit and Pollux. In their words, a desire to give something to people, to Saint Gillois, to create with them in order to change imaginations and take distance for screens. The photos of my creations have taken their place in the Fresh Supermarket, an atypical place, visible to all.

street photo

regard pivoine_edited.png

October 2021 . Carpentras 

Exhibition, organised by the Vents d'Asie association for the special Event Momiji Kojo

Itinerant Exhibition

geisha festival japon.jpg

festival du japon

cadre rond deesse.tif
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