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April - June 2023



Poetic installation/performance In this visual proposal, Simona Acerbi and Soriana IM mix their two universes. Plants and Shadows come together around the theme of water. Conte d'O, freely inspired by an extract from the Tales of the 13 original mothers by Jamie Sans, will take us on a journey where water is the guardian of memory, memories, dreams and feelings of the children of the Earth. . Conte d'ô is a message of love, a poetic invitation to become aware of the need to protect and respect this element of LIFE. Creation as part of the ACTES 2023 festival following an artistic residency: Simona Acerbi and Soriana IM

Arles Perf Ombres Végétal.jpg

Eglise des frères

Arles, Nov 2022,
fashion fripe

La fashion Fripe is a hybrid event, an artistic residence, a fashion show, a thrift store, around the theme of textile waste and this year more particularly accumulation.

Working with the textile material, the equivalent of what is thrown on the town of Arles in one week, almost 3 tons of clothes. I wanted to re-establish links between textile waste and the living. The garment falls apart, becomes a shred and colonizes the mineral like lichen up to a sky of branches and flowers (also made from textiles and dried flowers).

The impact of the textile industry on the environment, from soil pollution due to cotton crops to microparticles poured into the sea, is approached through an aesthetic installation that highlights the fragility, but also the ability to plant adaptation and resilience.

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Edit et Pollux

Vegetal Artistic Creation produced during the residency at Edit and Pollux, November 2021. I was invited, as part of the Edit and Pollux artistic residencies, a spacetime giving by this “third place” to artists for experimentation, invention, creation, inspiration, links with the territory. I was able to take advantage of this time to stroll, cross here and there to pick up autumn flowers and plants, create around the territory and the heritage of the city, and experiment risograph printing.


After eight days in immersion, in a bubble of creativity, a suspension was born, and this word takes on its full meaning, a suspended moment, in the air, thanks to transparent threads...a moment for observation, and leave one's imagination take a walk, a joyful and colorful moment.


Material Used : Plants picked at the Château d'Eyperan in St Gilles and on the territory.

Flowers and Plants pressed, dried.

Use of the Risograph, photocopy of Flowers, leaves and Petals, printing and photocopying of photos and old postcards of the town of St Gilles (thanks to the Service du Patrimoine).

Recycling used Risograph sheets for the creation of artificial flowers.

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